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We are seasoned men and individualists. Hierarchies and rules are not our thing.


Therefore, "our Bible" consists of only three commandments:


1. There are no constraints - apart from a timely payment of the annual contribution of 50 Euros for our annual meeting.


2. Everyone should feel comfortable.


3. Friendly interaction is a matter of honour.





The term "Kameradschaft" (comradeship) has a solely idealistic meaning for us in terms of trust, helpfulness, solidarity, and friendship - just like it is used amongst fire fighters and in technical relief organiziations.


These virtues are important to us.


Comradeship for us also means that every "Eisenhund" is expected to behave respectably in our community and to do his best to ensure its continued existence.


Our motto is: "Non quot sed quales",

which means:

"Not how many, but of what type."


In case of an internal misunderstanding, our three-member arbitration board will mediate and can also impose sanctions if necessary.



Civic Engagement



Civic engagement is a given for us.


We support public welfare by donating


- to children's homes in regions where our meetings take place and


- to non-profit associations, focussing on the improvement of traffic safety for motorbikes, such as "MEHRSi".








As an external sign of solidarity, many of us wear a colour of the "Eisenhund Kameradschaft".


At first sight it may come across as a bit menacing – as do quite a few colours of motorcycle groups.


Since we all lead normal lives and pursue reputable occupations, we made sure that our logo is neither illegal nor immoral.


The copyright is exclusively in our possession.


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