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Regulars' tables are frequently organized in large cities and metropolitan areas. The atmosphere is easy-going, entertaining, and humorous. Our ladies also enjoy taking part.



At our regulars' tables, there is room for everything, from fuel discussions to the agreement of neighbourhood help, from the presentation of the latest conversion measures on our bikes to the tales about the last Iron Butt Ride, from our last Christmas party to planning our next tour in the area, even if it does not immediately lead to ...

Needless to say, we of course savor a pint or two.

We relish our beer just like ...

When the weather permits, we prefer to sit outside and cap the evening enjoying a few good cigars.


Our Rocket regulars' tables are also often visited by other motorcyclists of the area who appreciate and like us personally, but are not directly associated with the "Eisenhund Kameradschaft". They are always more than welcome to join.



Meetings and events play a big role for us. Throughout the season, we organize numerous meetings, to which we also invite other motorcyclists.


Among these are the "Spessarträuber" meeting on Pentecost, the "Kraichgau" meeting in July, and the "Sachsenbaude" meeting in September.


The annual meeting of our comradeship, traditionally held on the third weekend in August, is exclusively reserved for comrades, candidates, and friends of the "Eisenhund Kameradschaft"; it is for men only.


The International Rocket Rally of our Triumph Rocket Rides Club Germany e. V. (TRRC) is open to all. It takes place at different locations.


In the evening after the tour we like to drink some cold beer outside by our motorbikes and listen to ...


However, our biggest gatherings are our meetings in Berlin, held in venues like the ...

... or the ...

to which up to 180 members and invited guests show up. That's where the party is at.


Of course, that's also when our band "Skyline" is present.


We regularly attend meetings and events of third parties and visit trade fairs such as the leading motorcycle expo "INTERMOT" in Cologne, Germany.


Family celebrations are not missed out either.


Especially at milestone birthdays of our comrades we like to live it up - be it by official invitation or by surprise. No way is too far, no weather too desolate for the "Eisenhund Kameraden" and the "Eisenhund friends" to show up.


"As guests" we like to have ...

... join us.



Our ...

... are legendary too.


And sometimes the odd New Year's Eve celebration starts as early as in the afternoon, according to the motto:


We have also celebrated some unforgettable biker weddings.


For the solemn part we have come up with our own ceremony - because what unites an "Eisenhund", man shall not part.



Taking driving safety courses are more fun together - that's why we sometimes take them in small groups at the beginning of the season.



We don't shy away from skills trainings either.

By the way: In the video clip above, at min. 2:40 you can see us crossing the river Rhine.


But up to ...

... it is still a looong way.



Motorcycle trips to other countries round off our hobby.


Inspired by ...

... we have already explored many European countries in smaller groups, e.g. the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, or the Baltic States and Russia.



However, we are not only interested in riding our bikes.


Cultural activities also play a role.

If we have the chance we enjoy an opera performance such as ...

... at the Arena di Verona, Italy.


Or we just hang out on the beach and tan our ...

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